This best selling book series is a collection of stories from successful professionals. From lawyers to yoga instructors, from doctors to NBA legends, these individuals were brought together to provide readers with the motivation they need to wake up and start living the life they love.

The Wake Up...Live the Life You Love team is dedicated to bringing Instant Credibility™ to authors, speakers, consultants, trainers, business owners and industry experts by using the Wake as a nuclear business card to attract new clients and establish the co-authors as media magnets and celebrities.

With their unique Millionaire Book Marketing Method, you will be taught the ultimate skill - How to attract clients and customers to create a rush of new business because, with a book, you will be considered a "celebrity" in your industry. A Wake will bring you a lifetime of powerful positioning that will go with you anywhere and anytime for the rest of your life. By following a few simple-to-understand, super-charged business building strategies, you will be automatically propelled to superstar status.

Through the Wake Up...teamwork approach, they incorporate a unique joint publishing venture with highly effective training and extremely powerful marketing techniques to accelerate your life and business. 

Who created the Wake Up...Live the Life You Love book series?

Steven E is an author, speaker and creator of this highly regarded series. These books include Steven E's thought on living a life full of wonder and excitement. Steven E has spent his adult life as an entrepreneur, building financially successful businesses. He is known around the world as an inspirational speaker helping people awaken to their full potential.

Lee Beard, co-compiler and CEO of Wake Up...Live the Life You Love, has been involved with international production, marketing and advertising. Lee has worked with such personalities as Dick Clark, Dolly Parton, Steve Martin, Lee Ann Womack, Bob Hope, and Mary Tyler Moore.










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